Certificate in Financial Services Consultant (UK) Course

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Financial Services Consultant (UK) Course

Financial Services Consultant (UK) Course Details:

Earn the ticket to work in London, the world’s leading financial center, with the Certificate in Financial Services Consultant course.

Learn how financial markets work and discover ways to boost liquidity and manage risks.  Get introduced to the structure, activities, and regulations of the UK financial sector and receive interactive lectures on the banking system, types of institutions, insurance and securities, financial instruments and the money supply.  Learn how to stay proactive financially despite market instability and develop an understanding of the creation, utilization, and management of money.

The Certificate in Financial Services Consultant course will provide you with a better understanding of money and investment that you can use to assist others in search of financial direction.

You might have a hundred things in mind, but we will make sure that your financial career isn’t one of them. You can trust us to equip you with valuable skills and knowledge you can use to get ahead.

Sign up for the Certificate in Financial Services Consultant course today from Course Space and see your career take off in the world’s leading financial hub!

Financial Services Consultant (UK) Course Highlights:

  • Intensive home study course that can launch your financial career
  • Basic yet comprehensive introduction to the activities and careers in the UK financial sector
  • 24-hour student support from Course Space
  • User-friendly interface compatible with Mac, PC, and Android device
  • Flexible schedule, self-paced online learning
  • Interactive simulation and skills assessment
  • Best price guarantee


Financial Services Consultant (UK) Certificate

Touch Awards accredit this course.

Once you have completed this course, every student will have his or her certificate. This certificate can be used as a tool to build your resume, as it helps validate their skill and learning experience.

Financial Services Consultant (UK) Course Format

This course is divided into several lessons, which is delivered online with the help of our interactive learning management system. Students will have access to the learning portal, and through this portal, they will be able to access the course 24/7. This allows them to have absolute control over their learning pace and as well enable them to study from the comfort of their home, office or using their laptop while traveling.

Financial Services Consultant (UK) Course Duration

The minimum period to have this study completed is 30 hours; however, this is only an estimate because the duration to complete this course depends solely on the ability of the learner to absorb information. Right from the enrolment date, learners will have full access to the course for a period of 12 months, and learners will be given the opportunity to complete the course during this period at any time.

Get your financial training and learn the following at your own pace:

Ø Lesson 1 – Money

Ø Lesson 1 – Money (Quiz)

Ø Lesson 2 – Introduction to Financial Services

Ø Lesson 2 – Introduction to Financial Services (Quiz)

Ø Lesson 3 – What is Financial Markets

Ø Lesson 3 – What is Financial Markets (Quiz)

Ø Lesson 4 – The Difference Between Stocks and Flows

Ø Lesson 4 – The Difference Between Stocks and Flows (Quiz)

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