Certificate in Effective Management Course

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Effective Management Course

Effective Management Course Details:

There is a vast difference between effective and ineffective management. Ineffective management will most definitely yield loses, achieve low productivity rates and high turnover. Effective management, on the other hand, can be learned and good managers can be developed and trained so that they may contribute to organizational success.

Managers are charged with the important responsibility to make critical decisions that highly impacts the organization and the employees and area under their supervision.  They also play a crucial role in motivating employees to perform their very best in their duties.

At the end of this course, students shall learn how to: (1) understand what makes an effective manager; (2) define the playing field; (3) manage performance; (4) handle difficult situations; (5) recruit and select candidates; (6) manage the team; and (7) motivate others.

To achieve these goals, this Course Space Certificate in Effective Management course  students should make use of the interactive materials. Assessments shall be done after each module to check for knowledge retention and understanding.

Sometimes, high turnover is not caused by a stressful task or workload. It can be caused by managers not valuing their subordinates.  This type of management can result to absenteeism, low enthusiasm, and then eventually a turnover. It is of high importance for managers to learn how to develop their employees’ strengths which is the best way to motivate them to perform their best.

Effective Management Course Highlights:

  • 12-month full access to online course materials
  • Learning materials and resources provided by Course Space
  • Modules encompassing wide-ranging topics about effective management
  • Accessibility and affordability wrapped in one
  • A well-recognised certificate upon course completion

Effective Management Certificate

Touch Awards accredit our courses.

Once you have completed this course, every student will have his or her certificate. This certificate can be used as a tool to build your resume, as it helps validate their skill and learning experience.

Effective Management Course Format

This course is divided into several lessons, which is delivered online with the help of our interactive learning management system. Students will have access to the learning portal, and through this portal, they will be able to access the course 24/7. This allows them to have absolute control over their learning pace and as well enable them to study from the comfort of their home, office or using their laptop while traveling.

Effective Management Course Duration

The minimum period to have this study completed is 30 hours; however, this is only an estimate because the duration to complete this course depends solely on the ability of the learner to absorb information. Right from the enrolment date, learners will have absolute access to the course for 12 months, and learners will be given the opportunity to complete the course during this period at any time.

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